The apartment is only 3 km from Rüdesheim, which can be reached fast, safe and easy and is the tourist center of the region. You can be in this busy town within a few minutes but you will enjoy a calm place to stay in the peaceful but versatile winemaker town of Geisenheim.

How to get to Rüdesheim from the Apartment 
Bus and Train
The train ride from the closley located train station takes only 4 minutes, with the bus you need 10 min. and one can step off the bus at the indoor swimming pool or at the church of Eibingen where the relicts of St. Hildegard are kept.
The trains and buses run min. every hour and more often during peak times. Trains and Buses start from 5 am and run until 11pm/or 1 am.
By Car
The ride takes 3-5 minutes and there are enough parking spots in Rüdesheim for your car with parking charges during the day. There are also free of charge parking lots and your host will gladly point them out to you.
By Foot 
on a direct route it takes approx. 20-30 min to walk to Rüdesheim. If you choose a more scenic walk it takes approx. 30-40 min. Besides the nice walk you will find along these picturesque routes restaurants and benches to sit down and enjoy the views.
By Taxi
Depending on the Company the taxi ride from the apartment to Rüdesheim are between 7-12 Euros.  
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